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We believe factory farming is a problem.

We create high-impact, profitable startups to solve it.

We recruit founders to build these startups with our support.

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Logan Sullivan



Logan held some of the senior-most roles in the humanitarian sector: Coordinator and Representative of one of the world’s largest INGO consortia; Middle East Advocacy Advisor for nobel laureate INGO; Global Campaigns Lead to tech-4-good INGO; Country Director; Disaster Response Logistician; etc.


He left the sector in order to found and run a few social impact initiatives: Impact Giving Fund, Impact Giving Advisors, Impact Certified, Global Citizen Mentoring, IMPACTivism, Rational Compassion Masterclass, and Third Bottom Line. He continues to speak, lecture, produce thought leader content.


Logan advises/mentors for Oxford University Innovation, many high-impact nonprofits, social startups, coalitions, individual changemakers and academic programs. He also co-authored the global standards guidance documents for impact assessment, monitoring, evaluation, learning and contextualization used by all humanitarian UN agencies, NGOs, donors, etc. worldwide.


He studied business, economics, organizational change and international law at top universities on 5 continents, and designed and instructed the top-rated critical thinking course on the world’s largest online course platform.

Outside offices, Logan spent 10 years in 70+ countries, is a Scuba Dive Master with hundreds of logged reef conservation research dives, has spent over 80 days in silent meditation, was an outdoor leadership and survival guide, taught archery and hatchet throwing, was caretaker for dozens of companion and farm animals, and holds a Guinness World Record in surfing.

Huw Thomas

COO + Managing Director of Venture Studio


Huw is a serial entrepreneur focused on sustainability in the food and energy sectors. He was COO of cultivated meat startup New Age Meats (IndieBio alum + first cell ag pork), co-founder of renewable energy consultancy SCENE, and CEO of sports nutrition startup Fuelit.


He holds an MBA from the University of Oxford, where he presided over the largest synthetic biology student society in the UK, and serves as Head of EMEA Entrepreneurship Programmes at iGEM, the world’s largest synthetic biology organisation.


Huw was a Venture Manager at CDL Oxford and an Entrepreneur in Residence at the Entrepreneur First incubator/talent-investor. He is currently a mentor at the Zinc venture builder and EIT Food Seedbed incubator as well as at the MIINT MBA impact investing competition (where he also supports Wharton as a judge). Previously, Huw spent six years at National Grid, where he focused on innovation strategy, investment management, and process engineering. 


Huw is an avid runner, hiker, climber, cyclist, and diver, having managed the 1200+-member Scottish Sub Aqua club. He participated in 20+ cross-country cycling races to raise money for charity (covering 500+ km in one day). Through his pro bono work, he opened a community supermarket in Oxford and ran an arts cafe in Edinburgh, and he co-founded a startup pre-accelerator in Romania. He is a member of the Near Future community, an Atlantic Dialogues Emerging Leader, and former Curator of the Oxford Hub for World Economic Forum Global Shapers.



Peter Singer

Professor of Bioethics - Princeton University

Author - Practical Ethics, Animal Liberation+26 books

"Most influential living philosopher." -New Yorker

Olivia Fox Cabane

Cofounder - KindEarth.Tech
Frm Director of Innovative Leadership

Stanford University StartX
Best-Selling Author - Charisma Myth

Peter Drobac

Director - Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford

Frm Professor - Harvard Medical School

Founder - University of Global Health Equity


Yes, we have a lot of incredible advisors involved, each playing one or two key roles in our process. To help understand what role(s) they each play, notice the color-coded ring(s) around their images below.







How they're involved

Brian Trelstad

PartnerBridges Fund Management

Frm Chief Investment Officer - Acumen

Senior Lecturer - Harvard Business School

Jeff Sebo

Director/Professor - Animal Studies MA, NYU

Executive Committee - Center for Environmental and Animal Protection, New York University
Author - "Food, Animals and the Environment"

Tara Sabre Collier
Counterfactual's Gender and Diversity Advisor

Entrepreneur In Residence (Gender and Inclusion) - Skoll Center for Social Entrepreneurship, Oxford

Impact and Gender Advisor - Shell Foundation

Cofounder - Affiniti VC

Aunnie Patton Power

Founder - Intelligent Impact

Entrepreneur-in-Residence Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship at Saïd Business School, Oxford

Matt Tom

Founder - MTCC

Fmr Product Development Lead - Impossible Foods

Fmr Director of R&D - Just

Fmr Systems Lead - USDA Ag. Research Service

Charles X Michel

Celebrity Chef - Netflix's Final Table

Frm Chef-in-Residence​ - Crossmodal Research Laboratory, University of Oxford

Chief Innovation Officer - Mission: Space Food

Gary Lin

Managing Director - Purple Orange Ventures

Founder/CEO - Glipsa Global Group

Impact Investor

Jessica Karr

Founder and Principal - Jessica Karr Consulting
Head of Product & Research - UMANA
Fmr R&D - Impossible Foods

Brian Spears

Cofounder/CEO - New Age Meats

Cofounder/CEO - Sixclear

Benjamina Bollag

Founder/CEO - Higher Steaks

Frm Entrepreneur-in-Residence - Entrepreneur First

Alex Pitt

Cofounder - Mustard Seed Capital

Frm SVP - Mubadala Development Company

Albert Tseng

Cofounder - Dao Foods

Founder - Moonspire Social Ventures

Frm Social Enterprise Consultant - UNDP

Alex Nicholls

Professor - Impact Investment + Impact Evaluation, University of Oxford Executive MBA Program

Jagadha Sivan

COO - ImpactMapper

Frm Head of Product & Strategy -

World of Good (Acquired by eBay)

Brad Barbera

Senior Advisor, Strategy and Innovation +

Fmr Head of Innovation - The Good Food Institute

Founder/Chief Enabler - Pi Innovation

Jenny Snape

Strategy and Ops, Double Impact - Bain Capital

Frm SDG Impact Investment Specialist - UNDP

Charlie Curtis

Associate Fellow/Entrepreneurship Expert - Saïd Business School, University of Oxford

Cofounder/Non-Exec Director - Origen Power

Founder/Chairperson - DryGro

Jamie Harris

Cofounder - CellAg UK

Researcher - Sentience Institute

Host - Sentience Institute Podcast

Cofounder - Animal Advocacy Careers

Beth Larsen

Cofounder and Head of Impact -

Proodos Impact Capital

Cofounder - GrantAccess

Frm Strategist - Oxford Impact Finance Initiative

Michael Plant

Founder - Happier Lives Institute

Research Fellow - Wellbeing Research Institute, University of Oxford

Fmr. Research Assistant - Peter Singer

David Meyer

Cofounder Food Systems Innovation

Cofounder - Humane America Animal Foundation

World Champion  - Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Curt Albright

Managing Member - Clear Current Capital

Ira van Eelen

Cofounder/CEO - KindEarth.Tech

40 years of Cultivated Meat experience

Steven O'Connell

Operations Lead - PearBio

Fmr Associate Director+Programme Manager - RebelBio & VC at SOSV

Mateusz Cyrankiewicz

Founding Partner + Creative Director - HooKooEKoo

Founder - Boxy + Dropr +

CEO - Slash

Luisa Rodriguez

Researcher - Forethought Foundation for Global Priorities Research

Research Analyst - Rethink Priorities

Frm Fellow - Future of Humanity Institute, Oxford

Nick Fitz

Founder/CEO - Momentum

Fmr Snr Behavioral Scientist - Dan Ariely's Center for Advanced Hindsight + Startup Lab, Duke University

Fmr Researcher - National Core for Neuroethics

Elise Bernal

Deal Leader - GlassWall Syndicate

Impact Finance Lead - The Greenbaum Foundation

Founder - Yorkshire Advisory

Jordan Lejuwaan

Founder - + ZeroSpace + Gravity Blanket + HighExistence + Slash

Forbes 30-under-30

Charlie Bressler 🟣

Executive Director - The Life You Can Save

Brian Luscombe

Director of Product - 

Honey (acquired by Paypal, $4B)

Tee Barnett

Founder - Rethink Charity

Executive Coach  - Tee Barnett Coaching

Katarina Polonsky

Director - Digital Technology Supercluster

Frm Director of Europe - Founders Pledge

Arden Koehler

Researcher, writer and podcaster

(impactful careers) - 80,000 Hours

Frm PhD Student Lecturer - New York University

David Langer

Founding Partner - Lionheart Ventures

Venture Partner - Pioneer Fund

Founder/CEO - Zesty (acquired by Square)

Eric Hale

Founder​ - Sunuity + EndActive

Fmr Researcher​ - California Institute of Technology Robotics Lab

Holder of 20+ Biomedical Patents

Tom Phillips

Sustainable Food and Agriculture Adviser

Frm Associate Director​ - AgDevCo ($200m food impact investment fund)

Frm Sustainability Fellow​ - McKinsey

Amanda Joy Ravenhill

Executive Director - Buckminster Fuller Institute

Cofounder/Executive Director - Project Drawdown

Professor of Sustainable Mngt - Presidio Grad School

Brandon Ramirez

Cofounder - Graph Protocol

Partner and Lead Engineer - Functional Foundry

Founder/Head of Product - TapSavvy

Giulia Bocci

UX Researcher + Design Leader - HooKooEKoo (clients: Apple, Tesla, Boom Airlines, etc)

Sean Peters

CEO - DryGro

Frm Program Director -

The Global Accelerator Learning Initiative

Frm President - Global Catalyst Initiative

Nikhil Dugal

Systems Change Expert -

Systems Change Observatory, Oxford University

Founder - Aadhan Infrastructure

Tobias Leenaert

Cofounder - ProVeg International

Cofounder - Center for Effective Vegan Advocacy

Author - How to Create a Vegan World

Vegan Strategist -

Frea Mehta

PhD Candidate (Cellular Agriculture)

Frm Researcher, Dr Mark Post - Maastricht University

Marek Duda

Head of Advisory​ - Total Portfolio Project

Frm Head of Product​ - EA Funds

Fmr Asst Exec Director - Center for Effective Altruism

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