Brett Cotten

Venture Associate

Brett is the author of Gene-trepreneur­–a best-selling book on biotech entrepreneurship impacting human health, animal well-being, and sustainability. The book features interviews with “gene-trepreneurs” at Wild Earth, New Age Meats, Finless Foods, Ginkgo Bioworks, and more industry-leaders achieving high-impact results.
He is a graduate of the University of Cambridge’s MPhil in Bioscience Enterprise program–the MBA for biotech. Prior to Cambridge, Brett obtained a BSc in biochemistry & molecular biology at Penn State University, where he also completed a tech-based entrepreneurship and innovation program within the College of Engineering. He has worked with startups and venture capital firms in health-tech and alt. proteins and is now focused on removing as many animals from agriculture as possible.
Brett sometimes plays ukulele for three herds of cows in Cambridge (if they are in the moo-d), as well as is a professionally trained jazz saxophonist (yet to be cow-approved, despite being udder-ly in demand). Brett also likes puns.