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The Manager of Talent Engagement & Operations

is a superconnector for the next wave

of alternative protein companies.

To hear more about CFV from our CEO himself, check out the Head of Venture Creation and Head of Science & Technology videos! 


As the Manager of Talent Engagement & Operations, you would oversee the end-to-end journey of entrepreneurs through CFV.

The Manager of Talent Engagement & Operations (MTEO) is the primary project manager overseeing logistics and planning for the recruitment of entrepreneurs, selection, matching coaching processes necessary for company building.

Another important domain of responsibility will be building out and engaging with our talent network, which is primed to be an active community of potential founders, consultants, advisors, potential first employees and other highly skilled and promising folks who could contribute to our mission. 

At the highest level, your work could entail the co-creation of strategy at times, but mostly the implementation of strategy, setting and tracking of feedback indicators, willingness to manage (or manage those who are tasked with) the nitty gritty of the processes, setting up systems, etc. Feedback and various other inputs offered by the MTEO will be vital to the formulation and shaping of strategy, implementation and subsequent iteration. 

The MTEO is a management role, where many of the day-to-day ground-level tasks will be completed by interns, fellows and CFV employees. 

It is fairly likely that talent will need to operate somewhat like an independent talent agency, with its own discretionary budget, systems processes etc. This is something that the MTEO should be willing and able to tailor to the specifications of the strategic designs coming out of the other parts of talent.

  • Highly competent at prioritizing and executing action plans that align with Counterfactual's overall goals and objectives

  • Far above-average EQ and communication abilities

  • Ability to capably process and navigate highly contextual information (i.e. be an organizing force in the midst of chaos)

  • Prior experience and a strong interest in leading, coordinating, and working within a team, ideally within a startup or a small autonomous team within a larger organization

  • Skilled in project management and reflective implementation – prior experience managing small teams, setting OKRs/KPIs (or equivalent) and regularly practices iteratively reflecting on management styles, planning, goals, etc.

  • Ability to be highly organized and self-managed, leading with a high degree of autonomy


...or feel free to convince us otherwise. Everything depends on working with the right people, so we're happy to be persuaded that you would be a great fit with our team!


  • Location – Preference for those who are located in Europe, particularly London, who would be open to working in London for several months out of the year. Post COVID, the team will likely be based in London/Europe, depending on how the new world shapes itself. In the meantime, fully remote arrangements on UK/EU timezones are the default.

  • Remote work timezone – we've decided to shift our core operating timezone to align with London (this may change as we select an HQ city post COVID). If currently located far east or west, we can temporarily accommodate partial work-hour overlap (ex. 5am PST start = 1pm GMT), though this wouldn't be a permanent arrangement. 

  • Salary – £35,000 - £50,000 – a highly competitive incentive package (including equity) with significant room for growth.

Think this could be your dream job? You can fill out our initial application here. We will be accepting submissions until Sunday, May 23 with an anticipated start date of June 15, but happy to be flexible based on candidate preference and circumstances. Late applications will be considered for exceptional candidates. 

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