Tee Barnett

Leading Talent Development & Coaching

Tee co-founded a multinational charity that incubated several projects, including a think tank funded by the Open Philanthropy Project conducting prioritization research into social good, a platform that has granted millions of dollars to charity, and a global student initiative that introduced effective altruism across the world. Tee was an interim CEO and currently moonlights as a personal strategist, plying his trade as a coach through his personal practice before arriving at Counterfactual. He was trained in coaching at a psychology research institute specializing in early-stage science. Tee is fascinated by all manner of applied psychology, particularly diagnostic and therapeutic methodology. A fun fact about Tee is that he’s lived in Hawaii and never tried surfing. Yet another is that he lived in Hong Kong and Taiwan, but never visited mainland China. In general, he forgets to do obvious things that are associated with other obvious things.