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(but first, why?)

Towards this objective, we leverage a worldwide, world-class network of partner institutions, researchers, industry leaders, startup domain experts, investors and formal advisors in the below process.

We believe replacing factoring farming with more humane, sustainable, nutritious, just and pandemic risk-free alternatives is a vital and increasingly urgent global need.


human health

animal welfare

food security + justice

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We research gaps in the alternative protein industry that, if strategically filled, would both enable the collective industry and steer it towards better outcomes for humans, animals and climate.

We forecast industry, investor and entrepreneur trends to understand which gaps are unlikely to be filled without our support (in other words, we consider the counterfactual).

We widely engage industry leaders to further define the problem preventing this gap from being filled.

We architect maximally impactful and profitable solutions to these problems in the form of companies designs.

We establish commercial traction as we trim options down to the most promising company designs.

impact + market research. 

We recruit world-class talent into a pool of potential founders (both Chief Executive Officer and Chief Science/Technical Officer personas).

We match optimal cofounder teams through an extensive match-making process support by our advisors, partners and investors.

We give cofounder teams our most promising company designs and the below support in succeeding.

cofounder matching.

We provide $100-150,000 investment to each team from industry-leading VCs.

We provide 4 months incubation support while building a Minimally Viable Product ready for market.   

More details on what we offer here.

We leverage our networks to arrange interviews in top incubators whenever possible (and preferred by founders).

Ongoing networks and fundraising support for the lifetime of each company.

venture building.